As an engineering company, the Business Development team seek out opportunities within the key skill areas we hold in Engineering and Manufacturing. When opportunities are converted into a contract of sale each contract is treated as a project, and our Project Management team are tasked with ensuring safe and successful outcomes in terms of cost, programme and quality.

The organisation is project led, with all employees either sitting in a project delivery or vital project support role. Our organisational arrangement ensures that we have the right structure, and culture, in place to ensure all functions service the needs of the project to ensure everyone remains focused on their successful delivery.

NIS Management Team

Reporting to the executive board, the NIS management team comprises the heads of each department and their functional leads. They are accountable for the implementation and delivery of the business plan. They will ensure their teams have sufficient competent resource, and the appropriate plant, equipment and information to successfully carry out their individual roles in compliance with NIS policy and procedures.

David Brown, Head of Engineering


Recognised as a leader in his specialist field, David joined NIS in 2003 and is responsible for the engineering design function. Highly experienced and knowledgeable in all engineering disciplines, David is a Control and Instrumentation engineer by background. He has many years’ experience managing engineering teams to deliver designs for nuclear facilities and the automation of manufacturing plant.

Mark Pritchard, Head of Business Development


Mark has been at NIS since 1999 having previously worked at NSG for 2 years. Initially a project engineer he is fully familiar with challenges faced in delivering complex plant and equipment particularly within the nuclear industry. Having then held a number of different roles within business development from commercial manager to business development manager he has a broad appreciation of the needs of the department which allow him to be the Head of Business Development. Mark is focused on winning new business and developing the business to allow it to grow and meet future client needs.

John Smith, Head of Procurement


John started at NIS in 2004 and is responsible for the management of the companies purchasing requirements for all production items and facilities management, with particular focus on major contract negotiations and supply chain performance.

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