From new build through operations, to waste treatment and decommissioning, NIS offer practical solutions for the most complex of nuclear challenges.

Having worked in the nuclear industry for over 30 years we have the experience, skills and knowledge to safely deliver design and manufacture excellence for projects of any size. Our culture of innovation, combined with our expertise in integrating and utilising existing technologies, has resulted in our reputation for delivering the unprecedented.

Design / Development

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NIS provides a unique design and development service that cultivates and encourages innovative thinking and applies the accumulated experience of all the businesses within the NIS Group for assignments ranging from Front End Engineering Development to fully detailed engineering solutions.

NIS brings a pragmatic mindset to our nuclear designs from a proven track record in engineering cost effective and efficient solutions to other industrials sectors including Food, Aerospace and Security.

We have prototyped a variety of different products and solutions for many different markets and our engineers are proficient with AutoCAD, AutoCAD Inventor and Solidworks, amongst other advanced design and computing packages. These enable us to prototype and design various mechanical models in a format that suits that particular project the greatest. Our extensive facilities include dedicated test and development areas to enable mockup and actual plant / equipment ‘hands on’ development.

We are creative industrial design and production consulting engineers with hands on experience, capable of analysing situations and providing effective solutions. With an unrivalled skills base in the design of special purpose machinery, mechanical handling equipment, manufacturing processes, and bespoke machinery solutions, we can provide clients with the opportunity to refine and add value to their engineering requirements.


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From the outset NIS has produced welded fabrications which have met or exceeded the national and international standards for weld quality, integrity and durability. Our first class welding engineers have extraordinary attention to detail and are committed to producing the very highest quality results every time. Our in-house training has developed a manufacturing workforce of highly skilled, vastly experienced craftsmen. NIS have established procedures and coded welders available for many processes such as Resistance Welding(Spot), Drawn Arc Stud Welding, SMAW, GTAW, MIG, MAG, FCAW, Oxy-Acet (weld, braze & solder).

Gloveboxes and their internals continue to be a speciality, with some of these being manufactured as a single unit up to ten tonnes in weight. NIS can also produce a variety of different pressure vessels in a wide array of sizes, some exceeding 10 tonnes. These can be manufactured from numerous materials both common and exotic, using designs ranging from simple to extremely complex.

Other achievements have included manufacturing nuclear transport flasks in duplex stainless steel and producing fabrications for nuclear and military applications in high strength, low alloy steels. NIS are able to carry out standard production tests on welded fabrications using destructive and non destructive test regimes to a variety of standards.

Services / Integration


NIS offers a fully developed equipment and process integration service. The integration of 'off the shelf' and bespoke equipment into an existing process or plant enhancement can often generate risk due to compatibility issues with interfacing equipment. NIS has significant experience in the identification and mitigation of such risks, giving clients complete confidence in our chosen design solution.

  • Replaces existing manual processes
  • Increases throughput
  • Enhances safety
  • Enables reconfiguration of plant and equipment to obtain a more efficient product stream
  • Can be a mixture of existing and new equipment
  • Reduces Costs
  • Creates Flexibility

Typical Integration services offered by NIS Ltd:

  • Mechanical Handling Equipment
  • Robotics/Pick and Place
  • Manipulators
  • Conveyors
  • Software
  • Control Systems

The above services also include experienced personnel to:

  • Install
  • Commission
  • Train Personnel

Facilities / Commissioning

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NIS Ltd has extensive facilities to support commissioning following design and build. We can accommodate client requirements to ensure plant and equipment is fully operational before delivery to the client site for introduction into the production facilities. We have fully equipped test facilities with experienced engineering staff to carryout the commissioning works.

Documentation and accurate record keeping are essential during the commissioning period including detailed ‘as built’ drawings and documentation packs. Staff training can also be provided should our clients require it, either in the form of presentations or on site training.

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