Further major investment at NIS Limited

NIS has now completed the successful installation and commissioning of their new semi-automated welding equipment with keyhole plasma capability. The Air Liquide CB-MATIC SM PLAMSA / TIG HPW NERTAMATIC 450 was delivered in February 2014 and commissioned throughout February and March.

The Column and Boom equipment has the capability to weld in a number of different modes; Keyhole Plasma, DC TIG and AC TIG complementing our existing manual capability.  The new equipment is fully integrated with a 6,000kg turntable manipulator which allows for significant sized components to be positioned in various orientations, and increases the accessibility of welding on a vast range of components and structures.

The new system has the capability to weld small components to large structures; with a flexible working envelope of approximately 5 metres high x 4 metres wide x 12 metres long.   The technology allows welding of 8mm thick stainless steel plate to be welded in a single pass with minimum distortion.  With the integrated Human Machine Interface Panel, key welding data is captured in real time and allows the operator to watch the welding in action, making the welding process significantly more efficient than comparable manual methods with a far superior repeatable welding quality.

Commenting on the investment, NIS Group Managing Director Richard Penrose, said “With our increasing workload and growing order book it’s imperative that we continue to enhance our capabilities and capacity to meet our clients, and our own, aspirations.  This investment is the latest in a series of improvements to the NIS Group facilities which will continue with upgrades also underway at our sister companies, NSG Environmental and Hold Engineering Ltd”


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