Designing and manufacturing a glovebox is a skilled task, one which NIS has perfected during our 30 consecutive years in the industry, providing 100+ containments.

Currently engaged on both design and manufacture work packages for modern glovebox systems, we apply the latest techniques to ensure safe operation, a functional process and an efficient manufacture.

There are a number of key requirements for a glovebox but perhaps the most important is its protection of the operator, product or environment.

NIS is trusted by our clients to provide this protection through our ability to:

  • Efficiently fabricate containment 'shells' to the required tolerances
  • Produce a finish which allows easy decontamination
  • Manufacture leak free window frames and windows
  • Prove leak integrity through a robust testing regime

Operating and maintaining a process within a restrictive containment space is also key and requires specialist engineering skills which NIS have developed to be a core in-house capability.

Our in-house engineering skill allows us to:loader

  • Select and modify Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) items
  • Develop bespoke mechanical handling systems
  • Complete all ancillary electrical power / distribution and service panels
  • Carry out a full range of tests; ergonomics, sharps, full functional

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