NIS welcomes Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

NIS were delighted to host the Lancashire Fire and Rescue services during a training scenario using our test tower.

During one of the Fire Services routine facility inspections it was identified that our test tower and purpose-built rigs offer the perfect training facility to carry out challenging rescue training for Fire Crews and the Urban Search and Rescue Team which is based at Chorley Fire Station.

The scenario was based on unconscious personnel being trapped within a vessel accessible via the top of the NIS test tower. The subsequent rescue involved accessing the test tower via a second story access hatch and abseiling down the inside of the tower. When the ground floor casualty had been assessed and stabilized, they were placed on a stretcher and raised to the nearest access point using a system of ropes before being lowered using the new Ariel Ladder Platform and handed over to Paramedics.

Crew Manager Ian Turnbull stated “Training like this is invaluable to ensure that our teams are prepared for any emergency that is thrown at us. The recent fire at Grenfell Tower is a frightening example at what our teams could face. Varied and challenging training scenarios such as this greatly assist us in our preparation for such situations. We would like to thank NIS for this fantastic opportunity and look forward to doing similar exercises in the future.”

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